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X-files Fan Fiction - For Authors and archivists of X-Files fanfic!

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X-files Fan Fiction

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Manager: xfiler
For Authors and archivists of X-Files fanfic!


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Kendall's X-Files Fan Fiction
My Slash/Discipline Fan Fiction featuring Sk/M/K.
...Mightier Than the Sword: X-Files Fan Fiction
A fanfic archive featuring The X-Files, Profiler, Oz, and more...
Tigeress's Stories
Stories I've writen on an X-files theme that consentrates on the Horror and Sci-Fi aspects of the show, along with a Xena story, and a whole host of orginal short stories.
Doggett Torture Anonymous
This is a site for fanfiction featuring our new favorite agent in distress. NO DOGGETT HATERS ALLOWED. Scully Comfort is prefered, but not required. :) This is a variation of MulderTorture Anonymous, run by Vickie Mosely
Mary's Bowl of Mind Candy
What if Mulder and Scully got married? What if they had a kid? What if Skinner and Scully hooked up instead? Mary's Bowl of Mind Candy presents gads of X-Files fan fiction for your reading pleasure.

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X-files Fan Fiction

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