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Wood Firing Potters Webring

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Manager: jbaymore
This webring represents a group of worldwide ceramic artists producing high quality work primarily utilizing the ancient process of wood firing to produce handcrafted claywork. All share a common love of the impact the wood flame has on clay and glaze, and enjoy the intimate involvement in the firing process which wood firing affords the craftsperson.


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Woodfired Pottery
Basics of firing, pot pictures, etc.
John Baymore at River Bend Pottery
A potter for almost 40 years now, John Baymore has been handcrafting wood fired pottery at River Bend Pottery in Wilton, New Hampshire since 1977. John's Japanese influenced stoneware is typically fired in a wood fueled four chamber noborigama. John also has been doing professional kiln design and installation for craftspeople and institutions for over 30 years.
Anagama Mama Bonita Cohn's Ceramics
Pottery and photographs of five wood firing kilns. San Francisco artist working in stoneware. Firing in Pope Valley, Ca, with Richard Carter, and at the 7 chamber noborigama in Grass Valley, Ca., the largest noborigama in the western hemisphere.
The Photo Weblog of the Woodkiln Email List
This is the photo weblog of the Woodkiln Email list:
A site about wood fired pottery, mainly anagama firing

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Wood Firing Potters Webring

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