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WebPoets - For poets with a web presence.  The image is of Olympia Fulvia Morata (1526-1555), Italian poet and humanist s

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For poets with a web presence.  The image is of Olympia Fulvia Morata (1526-1555), Italian poet and humanist scholar.  Her poem, "To Eutychus Pontanus Gallus," translated by Holt N. Parker:

Never did the same thing please the hearts of all,
and never did Zeus grant the same mind to all.
Castor is a horse-tamer, but Polydeuces is good with his fist,
both the offspring of the same bird.
And I, though born female, have left feminine things,
yarn, shuttle, loom-threads, and work-baskets.
I admire the flowery meadow of the Muses,
and the pleasant choruses of twin-peaked Parnassus.
Other women perhaps delight in other things.
These are my glory, these my delight.

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