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Uniqueness Ratings Don't Matter Here - This webring is for all sites that have been booted out of webrings for the sake of a uniqueness rating that, frankly, p

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Uniqueness Ratings Don't Matter Here

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Manager: ellenmichelle66
This webring is for all sites that have been booted out of webrings for the sake of a uniqueness rating that, frankly, people surfing for sites don't give a hoot about. So, if you've got a quality, clean site that needs promotion, and don't want to be thrown to the wolves because you're simply trying to promote yourself, then by all means join. You won't be kicked out of this ring- no matter what the 'uniqueness rating' says! It's the overall RING rating I care about.

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She Was A Broadway Baby
Dedicated to my grandmother, Marion Thompson Morin, 6-11-1911 to 3-17-1986, former dancer~ Fifty Million Frenchmen, George White Scandals. Ziegfeld, Della May Fox, Larry Rich, Alice Fay & more.
Rhapsody Music Lessons
At Rhapsody Music Lessons, each student has the undivided attention of a well-qualified professional musician and teacher, who works with them one-on-one, to improve their skills. We believe that making music is joyful and we want to share our love of music-making with our students. We encourage them to spend time daily, practicing their instruments and working on their weekly lesson, so that we can continue helping them to build their skills.​
Poetic Content @ Writings of the Heart
Free poetry for your site- link back is all that's required. Free webmaster tools. Poems: Family, friends, women, love, soulmates, loss, encouragement, inspiration, celebrations & more by Ellen DuBois, poet & author of I Never Held You, Jackie's Heart; appears in BlueMountain Arts gift book Sisters, just released in Soul Matters for Teens & more.
Stumbling into the Void
Site includes a Chicago Photo Gallery, a Midwestern recipe section under construction, a metablog which I've added and whatever else I wish to inflict on you. You've been warned.
Anxiety Attacks
What I've learned & experienced throughout my nearly twenty-year battle with anxiety. How they began, my story, feelings, what's helped, what hasn't. Also, sound, heartfealt advice from Dr. Jeanette- licensed Psychologist helping people overcome anxiety without drugs. The benefits of Yoga on the mind and body.

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Uniqueness Ratings Don't Matter Here

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