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The Pet Network - The Pet Network is a gathering of pet and family friendly websites - commercial, personal and nonprofit, seeking to esta

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The Pet Network

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The Pet Network is a gathering of pet and family friendly websites - commercial, personal and nonprofit, seeking to establish themselves on the Pet Internet, or to find a medium for getting their word out. The Pet Network not only offers a safe, forward thinking community of people and thier animal friends, but also makes available special tools and information to help get the pet friendly word out. This is the place to be for pet businesses and services too!

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For the Love of Animals
My inspiration for this site was our recently adopted "rescue" dog which has injuries from obvious abuse and neglect. We now have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and lots of fish in our happy home. Here I share my personal experiences with all of my pets. You can also find links to information on animal adoption, the prevention of animal cruelty, and our personal links.
Sam Loves Digs
A new dog site created for freindly blog posting about Dog Breeds and Dog Stuff! For Dog Lovers
Adventures of a Hungry Dog
I am a big, fierce Rottweiller (cleverly disguised as a Bichon Frise). Don't laugh, the cuteness works for me. Well, most of the time. I just wish my humans would appreciate the fact that, every single day, I have protected them from wild attacking dogs. They should give me more treats! It's really exhausting work, and I need lots of naps, cuddles & special treats
Evan Hanahoe Irish Terrier Page
Evan Hanahoe Irish Terrier Page
Desert Willow Aussies
Desert Willow Aussies is an established kennel that has strived to keep this wonderful breed to it's original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty. Hall of Fame and Championship ancestry in our time proven bloodlines produce incredible well-bred family companions that excell in the show ring and working fields as well.

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The Pet Network

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