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The Healing Circle

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Manager: energywebring
This ring is for those who help others heal - to put things right that once went wrong and move people, animals, the world and themselves into the direction of the Even Flow.


This includes emotional healing, mind healing, physical healing, energy body healing, spiritual healing, inner child healing and healing therapies.

We invite all healers of mind, body and spirit to join THE HEALING CIRCLE.


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My name is Marsha and I am an energy healer. I offer free distant healing and I accept prayer and healing requests by email.

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Gold'n Light Healing accepts healing requests
My name is Marsha and I am an energy healer. I offer free distant healing and I accept prayer and healing requests by email.
Harpist, Margaret Sneddon
Beautiful Harp music for Funerals, Memorial services or visitations. Margaret Sneddon is a polished professional harpist serving Westchester County and the Hudson River Valley, the New York metropolitan area, southwestern Connecticut and northern New Jersey. She is well known, not only for her music but also for her sensitivity, responsiveness and personal touch. In addition to her long experience as a soloist for special events, she is also a certified therapeutic music practitioner through the Music for Healing and Transition Program.
Healing Music
Music helps.... The harp can create a healing environment for the sick and comfort the dying. Serving the New York metro area and Hudson River Valley, Harpist, Margaret Sanzo Sneddon is a Certified Therapeutic Music Practitioner through the "Music for Healing and Transition Program" - (914)715-8793 -
Healing Information
Articles, ideas, poems, stories and techniques about practical energy healing, spiritual healing, shamanic healing, inner child healing and more.
Pure Energy Magic Spells, Rituals & Potions
Lovingly crafted energy magic spells, healing spells, potion recipes, rituals, meditations, mp3s, symbol galleries, online divination, "Ask SFX" magic advice column & more - come visit!

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The Healing Circle

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