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The Feminist Bitch Webring - I am proud to be a feminist bitch. There is nothing wrong with sticking up for yourself and telling people they are sexi

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The Feminist Bitch Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
I am proud to be a feminist bitch. There is nothing wrong with sticking up for yourself and telling people they are sexist, rude, and/or patriarchal jerks. If you're an outspoken feminist, this ring is for you.

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The Male Feminist Myth and Fact
The Male Feminist Myth and Fact, Menstruation in the Role of Male Femininity. We have to understand why men should be in favour of feminism, for their own sake.
OWFI Report on Violations Against Women
The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq [OWFI] has submitted a short report summarizing the conditions of women in Iraq. Public executions of women and children, beatings, torture and sectarian violence, with women caught in the middle.
The Feminist eZine
Your one stop spot for all your feminist needs. Come and explore your civil rights, your sense of equality and break free from the chains that tie you to domestic slavery.
George W. Bush Invades Abortion Privacy
WASHINGTON The Bush administration has set forth a new, more limited view of privacy rights as it tries to force hospitals and clinics to turn over records of hundreds and perhaps thousands of abortions. The department says it needs the records to defend a new ban on partial-birth abortions. Bush has declared war on women's rights.
American Catastrophes:
The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit at All Time High.

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The Feminist Bitch Webring

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