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The Basenji Webring - The Basenji Webring contains sites about Basenjis, the barkless dog from Africa. Basenjis are comical, quizzical, highly

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The Basenji Webring

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The Basenji Webring contains sites about Basenjis, "the barkless dog from Africa". Basenjis are comical, quizzical, highly intelligent and full of energy. If Basenjis were Irish, they’d probably be leprechauns.

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Brinkley and Kodiak's Page
This is a site where people can meet my two basenjis Brinkley and Kodiak. They both have a page dedicated to them, and there are lots of pictures to see. It also has basic information on the breed.
Lacada Basenjis
Located in DeKalb, MO (near Kansas City), our dogs our top quality show dogs and companions. Please visit and learn more about us and our basenjis.
Mafail Ya Basenji - The Basenji Files
The Basenji: everything you ever wanted to know about this barkless sighthound from Africa can be found in this, the world's largest online 'Basenji Reference Library'. Over 800 Basenji-related websites now listed.
The Basenji
Meet the beautiful Basenji through a brief history, description of organized activities, and what it is like to live with a Basenji; many photos including the vintage photo that inspired my fascination with the breed.
Basenji Club of Great Britain
The Basenji Club of Great Britain is the oldest breed club in the world

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