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Telescope Making - Members of this Telescope Making webring maintain websites about building their own telescopes. They provide informatio

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Telescope Making

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Manager: wr__tj

Members of this Telescope Making webring maintain websites about building their own telescopes. They provide information on everything from the special mirrors used in a telescope to detailed directions on constructing your own. People with a strong interest in astronomy and mechanical aptitude will enjoy surfing this webring.


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Computerizing a 16d; Starmaster - Introduction
What telescope owner can look at Mel Bartels' page on Computerizing a telescope without dreaming of doing the same with his own instrument? As I found myself returning to Mel's page time and again it became obvious that I would have to give it a try.
James Crombie's Astronomy and Amateur Telescope Making
My site is devoted to telescope building with links to my mirror grinding machine, Astrophotography page and ATM projects
ATM Beginner Projects Page
ATM projects undertaken on the cheap by an absolute beginner including an 8 inch Dob, one power finder, barndoor mount, quadrant, and sight tube.
Solar filter construction plans for your telescope.
Describes how to build an off-center solar filter for your telescope. The example was built for a 10" Dobsonian telescope. The website includes pictures and material source information and construction tips describing how to make a sturdy, durable solar filter for your telescope. It is ideal for observing sunspots and solar eclipses on a limited budget through your existing telescope s
Brayebrook Observatory
Brayebrook Observatory, its history, telescopes and double star programme. Amateur astronomy, amateur telescope making, double stars, Dawes limit, the Lord nomogram, Newtonian reflectors, George Calver, German equatorials, astronomical observatories, bifilar micrometers, double image micrometers, Lyot micrometers, divided lens micrometers, Meca-Precis, Cooke Troughton && Simms, eyepieces, polar alignment. Astronomical articles and notes. Photographic articles. Sundri astronomial observations.

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Telescope Making

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