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Siamese Traditional & Classic Cats Webring - This webring was founded with love for the Classic & Traditional Siamese Cat, fondly known as the Applehead Siamese.

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Siamese Traditional & Classic Cats Webring

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Manager: tamar_the_ringmistress
This webring was founded with love for the Classic & Traditional Siamese Cat, fondly known as the "Applehead" Siamese. Fanciers, Breeders and Owners are all welcome. We love all of our Siamese Cats!



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Emperors Choice Traditional Siamese
Our Siamese cats are family members, loose in our house with us. We are not a large cattery and raise only a few very high quality litters a year. Our kittens are hand raised and never caged. This makes them friendly and affectionate companions, unafraid of children or the activity of a household, and very personable. Our goal is to match you with the kitten that suits you best.
My Beautiful Cats
Just when you thought it was safe to go back inside... CATS!!! This site is dedicated to my 6 beautiful cats; 3 of them Siamese, 2 Balinese and one American Shorthair.
Kiki and Koko, Siamese cats
Kiki and Koko, the fabulous Siamese cats who own us.
Kaye's Wacky Website
Personal site with a little info on me and a lot of into on the fantastic felines who share my life.
Siamese kittens for sale in Michigan
Siamese kittens in chesaning, michigan (989)845-4113 TCA/ACA registered. Raised in a clean and loving home, handled from birth on...$250.00-$350.00

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Siamese Traditional & Classic Cats Webring

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Would you like to join this WebRing community? Here is more information from the manager:

This ring was founded in the summer of 2004 by a very enthusiastic person named Lindsay W., who is the owner of Emperors Choice Cattery in Kingsport, Tennessee. I have no idea what happened to her, cause her email address no longer works and her beloved ring went up for adpotion all of a sudden. If anyone knows what became of her, please let her know that I am concerned and that I would gladly give her her ring back if she wants it. The cute kitten above is Crickett, bred by Emperors Choice and is owned by Deb F., also of Kingsport, TN.

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