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Show Dog ~ - VISION - To bring together dog show enthusiasts in one place. To share information and knowledge & help those who ar

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Show Dog ~

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Manager: darkstarrrotts
VISION - To bring together dog show enthusiasts in one place. To share information and knowledge & help those who are interested in the dog showing and conformation competition.


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Dakara Border Collies
To Make, To Save and To Preserve
LawGade Ranch & Aussies
Hobby breeder and shower of Australian Shepherds and Paint and Quarter Horses in Southern California. Stud service, puppies and older dogs occationally available.
Garwey Knls established in 1960. Please view Australian Champion and BIS Winners. Our aim is to produce TRUE POODLE type, temperament, sound in health and conformation. SPECIALISING in Brown and Black TOY poodles of correct size. Champion Brown Stud dog available. My experience in the Showdog World in Judging, (Working Dogs) Administration, Exhibiting and Breeding is vast. PLEASE SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK.
Australian Ch Romhund Jade
Welcome the net home of BISS RUISS 2002 Siegerin Australin Ch Romund Jade
Echelon Basenjis
Learn all about Basenjis, and meet our own current show-ring contenders.

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Show Dog ~

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DESCRIPTION: Show Dog webring is about show dogs, about champions and about purebred dogs. Your site needs to be content rich, packed with images and information about your chosen breed. Personal sites only. ________________________________ A FEW NO-NOs: Commercial sites, animal abuse sites, cruelty sites onto man or beast, sites not suitable for all ages, puppy farmers, those who cross breed dogs are not welcome. All breeding stock must have full registered name and all health clearances listed. ULTIMATELY: The RingMaster makes the final decision on any issue relating to this ring. For clarification please contact the RingMaster. _______________________________ FOR ALL THINGS WEBRING: Visit The World of Webrings. COPY and PASTE this URL into your browser _______________________________ SPECIAL ONE-ON-ONE WebRingDotCom HELP: Visit an extensive and very generous Help Section by James S. Huggins. COPY and PASTE this URL into your browser

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Show Dog ~
Show Dog ~
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