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Manager: silverpossum
This ring is open to sites related to shamanism, e.g. within Native American and Sibirian paths, including topics like spirit guides, animal mysticism, and more.


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Northern-Tradition Shamanism - Raven Kaldera
This tradition is a blend of the ancient shamanic traditions of many of the peoples of northern Europe - the Germanic, Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Saami, and a little bit of Russian and western Siberian. It is spirit-taught, or at least it is being spirit-taught to me, and my learning of it is an organic thing. I keep adding to this part of the site as I go.
Red Hawk Woman
Personal site about Navajos and American Indians, including great quotes, and some hand picked shopping links.
The Soft Leather Studio
Fine handlaced funky purses, medicine bags and pouches made from elkskin, buffalo and cowhides. We specialize in making unique medicine bags to your spiritual requirements. Unique and unusual personal and "medicine" ornamentation from around the world. Custom beadwork available. Ceremonial Pipes and Pipe Bags. If you are seeking something unusual, contact us we will help y
Shamanic experience
Excerpts of personal accounts of shamanic experiences.
Siberian Shamanism
Traditional Siberian shamanism -- consisting mostly of texts not available elsewhere on the internet.

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