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Rush Limbaugh Sucks
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Rush Limbaugh Sucks

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The Rush Limbaugh Sucks Web Ring. If you think that Rush Limbaugh sucks, this is the ring for you. This ring is for people who hate Rush Limbaugh.


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Rush Limbaugh, Lardass Gone Bad
Rush Limbaugh in his own words. Mr. Conservative. The mouth piece of the right wing of the republican party. His values, his words. What does he have to say? All true quotes.
Do Tell
Remember the line "there are no liberals left, they've all been mugged"? I've got another one - "there are no conservatives either, they've all been downsized" Talking about a site formerly on this ring that was censored - not by Webring or the ring manager, but by somebody else - and a few of the many reasons why I'm not a fan of the Far Right.
Knute's World
I landed at Yahoo fully expecting to find the most hatefilled and disgusting of rightwing idiots and I was not disappointed. I found them immediately in the Washington Watch room in Yahoo Chat. These idiots sit around all day (& night I suppose) bashing the Pres , his wife and a
Franks little web page
a personal web page about me and my friends.
It's Xeno. New and different, this site tells it like it is. It has type & graphics. Some say it's the most important site on the web, and outside of the household I have to trick people into stoping by.

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Rush Limbaugh Sucks

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