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Recovery - Find in this ring sites pertaining to the effects of and recovery from all kinds of addictions (including but not limite

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Manager: genessa
Find in this ring sites pertaining to the effects of and recovery from all kinds of addictions (including but not limited to alcohol, narcotics, sex, compulsive behaviors); mental and/or emotional illness; codependency; physical (sexual and otherwise), emotional and mental abuse; and other behavioral and/or addictive problems.  Recovery may be by various means (12-step or other).  The websites here offer support, fellowship, information, personal stories and more for those affected by and/or interested in such things, with an emphasis on working toward recovery.  Pictured:  a sexually abused child photographed by Dr. P. Langenscheidt (or on his behalf) for publication on February 1, 1910.  We can only hope the child recovered (physically and in the sense of this ring's concern).


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Bonni's Personal Pages: Survivor
My story of a dysfunctional family, domestic violence, sexual assault, and attempted self-destruction, and how I healed from it.
Addiction Recovery World
Addiction Recovery World Blog!
Un Passant Anonyme
Blog of a recovering addict to a new sprituality thru the 12 steps to a happy and free life. Blog d'un dependant en retablissement qui decouvre une spiritualité nouvelle par le 12 étapes qui mène vers une vie heureuse et libre. Emotions Anonymous N.A. A.A. Emotifs Anonymes N.A. A.A.
End Drug Addiction With Suboxone?
Is Suboxone the way to recovery? How drug addiction led to my life of crime, life in jail, and life of recovery.
You & Me Are Floating On A Tidal Wave
Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope in 12-Step Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction

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