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Random and Useless Webring O'Stuff - The Random and Useless Webring O' Stuff is open to all family safe Web pages except those idiotic click here to make a z

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Random and Useless Webring O'Stuff

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Manager: svava_bloodtide
The Random and Useless Webring O' Stuff is open to all family safe Web pages except those idiotic "click here to make a zillion bucks" get-rich-quick schemes. I do not discriminate for size, style, or content (other than the family safe/"click here" rule). I could care less if your site sucks because you don't have anything interesting to put on it or you have no idea how to use HTML to make it look decent. That's your problem, not mine. Got a family safe site? You're in like Flynn, baby.

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Books in New York
A discussion group about books, reading and local literature in New York. Share your photos of local authors and literary events, and your thoughts about the same.
Stumbling into the Void
Site includes a Chicago Photo Gallery, a Midwestern recipe section under construction, a metablog which I've added and whatever else I wish to inflict on you. You've been warned.
Hacked Gadgets
Many articles about hacking gadgets. Examples of extreme technology. DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. Fun top 5 and top 10 lists.
Jack and Jo's World
A fun collection of cool links, graphics and interesting stuff
Used Stamps For Charity - Home
Saving used postage stamps for UK charities. Find charities to donate your stamps to, add your charity or cause for free, or maybe even find a charity who may want to sell you thier collected stamps.

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Random and Useless Webring O'Stuff

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· Community Created 09/30/1998
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