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Railway Enthusiasts Around the World - Everyone from the die-hard railfan to the fine-scale modeler is encouraged to join with other enthusiasts to promote bot

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Railway Enthusiasts Around the World

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Everyone from the die-hard railfan to the fine-scale modeler is encouraged to join with other enthusiasts to promote both their websites and the colorful past of our railroads.

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Poughkeepsie & Eastern RR North from Poughkeepsie
Part of the The Central New England Railway (CNE) was the Poughkeepsie & Eastern (P&E). This section ran North from Poughkeepsie. The name P&E did not actually last very long. It started out in 1872 as the P&E Railroad but the name was changed shortly to PH&B. A few years later it became the NY&M and then in 1893 it was changed back to P&E Railway. This was all the same railroad with different names. It was abandoned by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.
All about the Boston & Maine Railroad before Guilford
Once upon a time there was a Boston & Maine railroad. Where it went; when it was built; what happened to it. From the East Coast all the way to Rotterdam Junction. Passenger trains to Troy. Even went to Saratoga Springs. Ran commuter railroads in Boston.
The Maybrook Line across Dutchess County
The "Maybrook Line" was important to New England before the advent of Penn Central and before the Poughkeepsie Bridge burned. This piece of the railroad carried freight from Maybrook Yard, across the Poughkeepsie Bridge to Hopewell Junction where it joined a line from Beacon. The railroad then went to Brewster, then Danbury, and finally to Cedar Hill Yard in New Haven.
The Troy & Schenectady, Now It Is A Bike Path
History of the Troy & Schenectady Railroad. The American Locomotive Company. Green Island. The Troy Union Railroad. The American Museum of Electricity. Sandbank Yard.
Troop Trains were important to the United States
ALCO goes to War. New Haven RR goes to War. Great slide show of troop train from Texas to New York Harbor. Camp trains and ammunition trains plus Freedom Train. Governors Island Railroad. The first war in which trains were used to carry Americans to battle was the Mexican War in 1846. Extensive use of trains to carry troops occurred in both World Wars.

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Railway Enthusiasts Around the World

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