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Manager: goddess_isisuk
Websites that express Pagan Power, a willingness to fight for what they believe in, and not caring what people think about their 'Pagan Ways'. So they make the world a better place.

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Sorcerers Crossing
Information Site on Ritual,Paranormal and UFO, Magic,Egyptology,Paranormal Investigater,Information on magical uses for Herbs and Ctystals. Shop selling Pagan Cards, jewellery and Crystals.
Transcending Authority (on the Almond Jar)
Why we have rejected the entire concept of "elder", on a philosophical level, instead following a mild variant on anarchism, escaping the power struggles that have given life to the "Witch wars". Structuring one's group through a reconsideration of the terms of the social contract and through individual initiative.
These are ebooks from my personal library that I have been gathering for years. GREAT Ebooks CHEAP!! Starting at .99 cents! Books on Wicca, Magic, Spells, Sex and Love, Herbal Magic, Mind Power and Energy, Tarot, Health and Beauty, Gardening, Hydroponics, and Cookbooks. All ebooks sent within 48 hours after purchase, But 99% of the time, the same day. New ebooks added all the time! I also take requests :)
C.H.U. : A Crank With A Cause
See it while it lasts ! :) An award winning Christo-Pagan site which a UK based hate group is trying to get taken down through a threatened abuse of the legal system, because of its outspoken and articulate opposition to said group's promotion of bigotry. The events you see described are true. The names have been changed to protect ... oh, somebody.
Karyn Dwyer Link Collection
This page collects sites featuring or related to KARYN DWYER, the beautiful talented red-headed Canadian actress.

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