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ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Puppies - Shiloh Shepherds are still a breed under development, started at Shiloh Kennels in NY. Visit member sites to get a bette

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ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Puppies

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Shiloh Shepherds are still a "breed" under development, started at Shiloh Kennels in NY. Visit member sites to get a better understanding of what these dogs are all about. This ring has been set up to help you find a REAL DEAL puppy produced by a Licensed ISSR breeder working within strict rules and under the constant supervision of the breed founder!

 Many frauds are out there selling GSD/mutt pups for outrageous prices in order to make money. If you would like to learn more about these magnificent dogs, or have specific questions that you would like to ask, please join our ever expanding COMUNITY FORUM!! If you are ready to purchase your fully guaranteed, extensively tested Shiloh Shepherd puppy, then take some time to visit the honest ISSR licensed breeders linked on this site!!

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ISSR Shiloh Shepherds in Europe (The Netherlands)
Shima-Kazan puppies
ISSR Shiloh Shepherd puppies in the Netherlands - Europe
Hemi - The ISSR Shiloh Shepherd
Hemi is a smooth grey sable female from the Mira/Buckshot 2010 litter at Shamira Shilohs co-owned with New Zion. She possesses all the power and drive of our awesome Dodge Magnum with the V-8 Hemi. Her blog is a mix of the bonding stories and the history of her growth. We hope you will smile and be touched by the love we share.
Yukon's Blog
Yukon growing up
Chester's Blog
Chester's Blog

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ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Puppies

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