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Historic Navy Ships - To join the Historic Navy Ships web ring your web site must perpetuate the memory and history of a decommissioned naval

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Historic Navy Ships

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To join the Historic Navy Ships web ring your web site must perpetuate the memory and history of a decommissioned naval vessel(s) from any nation. You must install the WebRing Server-Side Navigation Bar (SSNB) and ensure it says "Passed" under the Site Management. This will ensure Web Ring integrity is maintained. Sites with "Broken", "Failed", "Unknown" or "PassedL" SSNBs will suspended (or deleted) by the RingMaster. No Mercy!

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Naval Artwork of your Favorite Warships!
NAVAL ART ORIGINALS & Prints. Preserve the memory of your favorite warships! Oil Paintings of US WWII battleships, cruisers, Japanese aircraft carriers, airplanes, destroyers, destroyer escorts, German submarines, landing craft, PT boats, historical ships, marines & military battles. Commission oil paintings or pencil drawings by naval artist Mark Churms. Great Nava
PT Boats of World War II
Articles and photos featuring the men and boats of the US Navy's Mosquito Fleet
H.M.S. Guardian & life of Captain Edward Riou
The GUARDIAN was built by Robert Batson in March 1784 at Limehouse ship building docks, London. She was (Clipper) a fifth-rate of 879 tons 44 guns an armed en flute commanded by 26 year old Lt(N)Edward Riou. Wrecked 1790 off coast of South Africa ) THIS EVENT WAS AT THAT TIME, EQUAL IN SCOPE TO THE TITANIC
Naval race on the South Atlantic
The site makes a summarized description of the naval race that took place on the South Atlantic between Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The dispute included the acquisition of the new-type dreadnought vessels. The ships involved are presented and descripted as well as the political environment where the dispute took place.
USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 and USS Wichita CA-45
USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) and USS Wichita (CA-45) - celebrating these WWII heavy cruisers and their crews. 20 battle stars between them including Casablanca, D-Day, Marianas Turkey Shoot, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. History, pictures, submissions from the crews and much more.

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Historic Navy Ships

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