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Free Thinkers - A Course in Miracles states that belief in God is not a meaningful concept, for God can be but known In this assertion,

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Free Thinkers

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A Course in Miracles states that belief in God is not a meaningful concept, "for God can be but known" In this assertion, the word "known" is used in the sense that ancient Gnostics used the Greek word "gnosis" to mean "inner knowing" -- what might be called the "knowledge of the heart." The Course also states that it is but one of many thousands of paths which all lead to the same goal -- a goal which might be called the gnosis of love which is the essence of "All That Is," by whatever name one calls it. Beliefs are irrelevant, but genuine love and peace among human beings represents the longing of every human heart; a longing that religions have tried to fulfill. Over the centuries organized, formal religions have distorted and diluted the truths which lie at the heart of every spirituality as they have attempted to bring the formless into form, and then to organize it according to hierarchies of human status and power. Jesus was among the freest of thinkers, but not the only one who knew of the inner freedom of sprit which cannot be threatened or destroyed no matter what outer circumstances threaten the body. His original teachings were understood by the Gnostics who were almost wiped out by the developing church because the human ego is threatened by love. This Ring welcomes sites that are dedicated to freedom of thought, freedom of belief, and to the discovery of that inner freedom and peace which is indicated in the introduction to the text for A Course in Miracles: "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exits. Herein lies the peace of God."

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Reiki Healing-Instant Pain Release -Free Thinkers
Our goal is to move beyond the physical, to have even more freedom of spirit -- no matter if we are in the midst of chaos. Our inner freedom cannot be threatened or destroyed no matter what outer circumstances threaten the body. We believe in freedom of thought. One vehicle we have is the application of higher energy to change pain into pleasure, poverty into abundance, sadness into joy, etc.
Christian Democrat's
As one of many Christian, humanitarian, Democrats, I have emphasized the priority of serving the 'living' children of God, the very one's that Jesus asked us to serve. That to lend support for those who would cut social programs, such as food stamps, is taking food from the children, disabled, or seniors.
Ask and It Is Given!
"If ye have faith, ye could say unto this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea," This is a blog about 'attempting faith' believing in yourself, creating good for yourself. Thoughts in mind produce in kind! It is called Positive Creation.
Sunshine's Blah Blah Blogger
Concerns, Animals, Creative Writing, Government, Life, Opinion, Peace, Philosophy, Politics, Conservation, Earth, Fun, Polls, Current Events, Death Penalty, Games, Daily News, News, Links, President, Bush, Love, Faith
My religious beliefs
A run-down of my basic religious beliefs, long-winded but comprehensive.

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Free Thinkers

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