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European Bullmastiffs - Sites about bullmastiffs (bred or owned by European) are encouraged to join this ring. Breeders, dog owners, clubs, asso

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European Bullmastiffs

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Manager: graburlynn
Sites about bullmastiffs (bred or owned by European) are encouraged to join this ring. Breeders, dog owners, clubs, associations and all bulmastiff lovers from Europe are WELCOME!!! Please refrain from using the words PUP in any form in your site description to this ring. Hub page & Navigation bar photo credits to Nightstalker Bullmastiffs at

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Our bullmastiff Andriana from Russia
Our bullmastiff from Russia. Life bullmastiff in our family. We believe that once you discover what this breed offers and what magnificent animals they are,you too will want to own them.Their friendliness,powerful look,agility and strength are unmatched.
Bullmastiff breeder in Sweden since 1991.
First site of my owner. With some pictures of a bullmastiff.
Robully is introducing Rosza Baro, a bully living in Romania. Enjoy photos, find some about Baro, breed info & visit our friends page!

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European Bullmastiffs

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