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Eastern Philosophy Webring - Open to all websites on Eastern Philosophy....... from the Middle East to the Far East!

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Eastern Philosophy Webring

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Open to all websites on Eastern Philosophy....... from the Middle East to the Far East!


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Unities of All Things
Unities of All Things™, from Mark A. Foster Services™, is a free clinical sociology practice. It relates my emancipatory Structurization Theory™ to life.
Vajrayaana literature
Tabulated data from Vajra-yaana tantra-s and from canonical commentaries on the tantra-s
Ancient Texts Tabulated
Ancient texts on Eastern Philosophy: Amerindian, Daoist, Bon, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Hinayana, Aastika, Arabian, Akkadian, Assurian, Kemetian, Aiguptian.
The Vedic Cosmology
Ancient Indian views of the Universe through a medieval Japanese lens....
Who's Who on the Gohonzon?
Perhaps the most extensive online character-by-character explanation of the Great Mandala of the Nichiren School by the Rev Ryuei. Nichiren Buddhists of all persuasions are likely to enjoy & learn from this comprehensive series of webpages on the buddhas, bodhisattvas, devas, men, women & non-human beings in Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Mandala & in their roles in the broader Bud

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Eastern Philosophy Webring

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