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DeTomaso Pantera
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DeTomaso Pantera

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Manager: rlbpantera
Dedicated to the appreciation of DeTomaso automobiles, particularly the Pantera, perhaps the most exhilarating and exotic sportscar ever manufactured. This ring joins owners, vendors and clubs together in appreciation of this fine automobile

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Don and Jeanne's DeTomaso Pantera
I bought this Pantera (#1777) in June of 1996. It has been a dream of mime for many years to own this car. I also have a fairly large collection of DeTomaso memorabilia. This car has really been a lot of fun for our entire family.
Doc and Becky Hemp's BAD to the Bone 1973 Pantera L ... bought new by us in 1973 & still owned continuously since. Photos of our friends & aquaintences Panteras too. World record holder Gary & Bev Hall's Pantera.
Garth's Banzai Runner Pantera Website
Dedicated to the DeTomaso Pantera, this website highlights the Pantera featured in the 1987 movie "Banzai Runner." It contains extensive content on the history, technical info and upgrades common to the Pantera. The site also has the most comprehensive online list of Pantera owner and vendor websites featured on the "Links" page. Pantera books and videos may also be purchased thr
A Pantera Tech's Site
This is a site dedicated to me and the cars I work on. I am an award winning technician working almost exclusively on Detomaso cars. I also work on a couple of Land Speed Record Cars. Please feel free to chat with me online, or email me with tech questions and info.
Mad Mark's DeTomaso Pantera
Devoted to the DeTomaso Pantera with an unique story on Mad Mark's destiny with his 1974.

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DeTomaso Pantera

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