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Cars and the Environment - Cars and the Environment is dedicated to reducing air and water pollution due to vehicles. The idea is that each individ

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Cars and the Environment

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Cars and the Environment is dedicated to reducing air and water pollution due to vehicles. The idea is that each individual should self-examine about how pollution can be reduced by making better decisions regarding the choice, operation, and maintenance of his or her vehicle. Check out the energycel at Magnetic polarization of fuel molecules for optimum combustion effeciency. Ecology, Auto-related, and Amsoil sites welcome to join! Very welcome are transportation alternative solutions like public transportation, bicycle, etc.

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Garbage Trucks and where to find them
A waste collection vehicle (WCV), or colloquially called a 'Garbage Truck', 'Dustcart' or 'Dustbin lorry' is a truck specially designed to pick up smaller quantities of waste and haul it to landfills and other recycling or treatment facilities. They are a common sight in most urban areas.
Chicago Bypass
A Chicago Bypass is all about getting railroad freight around Chicago instead of going through Chicago (with the resulting delays and pollution). Lots on car pollution in Chicago.
Ominous Weather
Ominous Weather is about more than weather. Its about our environment. Its about our social issues that need to be surfaced if we want to save our environment. We have addressed several projects, like electric cars, that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution. We discuss "car culture" extensively.
Nice Tramway Inauguration
Nice, France, November 24, 2007: the new tram opens. First Tram, operated by Myriam Dalmasso, breaks through a paper barrier at Place Massena amidst a shower of confetti. The rides began after a marvelous "Nicois Buffet". Seems like everyone in the immediate area wanted to experience the tram! Couldn`t believe the number of Nice residents who had never been to Nice-Nord or Nice Est! Less automobiles too!
Commuters, Car Culture and the Jenny Plan
Don't miss our great story on CAR CULTURE. Most railroad passengers today are commuters. Taxpayers underwrite part of this cost and the ride is now more comfortable and the future more secure than ever before. Many ideas have been brought up over the years to ease commuting. The greatest economic factor of the 19th Century was the railroads.

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Cars and the Environment

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