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Ashtar Command Community - This Ashtar Command Community facilitates the alignment of purposeful passion in those who feel drawn to the Ashtar Comm

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Ashtar Command Community

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This Ashtar Command Community facilitates the alignment of purposeful passion in those who feel drawn to the Ashtar Command. Truth is often stranger than fiction and the combined awareness of our members profoundly affects the LOVE factor in humans, ever increasing the will to do good as a planetary stewards. The poignant challenge is to balance inner and outer worlds, achieving harmony among people and planet is the goal. Each of our members has a role in the perfect plan of our Ascension together. We are all humble servants of Celestial Origins here to fulfill our Divine Purpose as we experience our reunion. The Divine Plan for LOVE to unite our relatives as ONE is real. "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Blessed be our lives...

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Eagle's Haven
Eagle's Haven is a social network for all with missions of Light to put up their work, share your information and prayers with others of like mind. Only rule is the golden rule. All welcome.
Ashtar Galactic Command - Welcome Home to the Ashtar Ga
This is a Global site for the Ground Crew here on Earth. A place to come together as a Community of great love and light.If you are a Lightworker connedted with the Ashtar Command you are welcome to join us. We have Blogs ,Groups ,Forums and more all devoted to the Command on and off Planet. All Brothers and Sisters of Peace are warmly welcomed. KOR RODGERS - Psychic Channel
The official site and healing services of Master Psychic and Healing Channel C.N. KOR RODGERS. K.O.R. Technique™ Usui Reiki Master.
Your Alien Connections
Excellent Site for your research and web surfing needs. Explore all that is, and what they say isn't...reality is an illusion.
Ashtar Command Communication Center Netherlands
The ACCNL-Website is the home of the crystal-grid project. Here you will find regularly updated channelings from the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters on ascension-related subjects. Enjoy your stay! Namaste. Cmdr. Andras Sheran

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Ashtar Command Community

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