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Art Love - Art is Love-Animations and Art Webring is also in english for Webmasters.Le cercle des ressources 100% gratuites pour We

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Art Love

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Manager: theodora_maffat
Art is Love-Animations and Art Webring is also in english for Webmasters.Le cercle des ressources 100% gratuites pour Webmaster, animations, Graphisme, Tutoriaux, Scripts, tous les outils pour crée votre site. Webring in French and English for Webmasters,artists and entertainers of all cultures



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Maria Henriques DeviantArt
A pomba livre website
A pomba livre website.
Minimalist Art, Literature and Photography
A group for art of all sorts (including photography, as well as visual art done in traditional media) which is elegant in its simplicity, and for writing, brief works of prose and poetry in which expression is direct and embellishment kept to a minimum.
The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company
Theatre & Film company based in Brixham, Devon, Southwest England, specialising in newly written and researched historical dramas for stage (locally) and screen (internationally). Giving local actors the chance to be seen and shine, we are an energetic, ambitious, happy team. Find out about our latest shows, films, castings and projects. As seen on BBC TV.
Mordred: (Independent film & Arthurian stage show, UK)
A gritty, dark tale, Mordred is an Arthurian-era drama, heavily influenced by the earliest legends of Mordred, who is traditionally seen as King Arthur's arch-nemesis, and illegitimate son. In the earlier legends, Mordred is much more of an ambiguous character, and not pure evil, as in modern re-tellings, this film tells of the legends, from Mordred's point of view. This drama is set in the 530s, against the backdrop of the Saxon invasions, heavily influenced by Celtic legends and Druidic traditions, and the earliest tales of Arthur, and his followers. The film will be made across South West England, with as much use as possible of actual Arthurian locations, and ancient sites, in Devon and Cornwall. The theatre shows will be performed in South Devon (as a certainty) and we will also be looking to perform in Cornwall,

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Art Love

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Art is Love

Art is Love

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