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Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

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Home > Science > Social Sciences > Anthropology and Archaeology
Manager: okieshadow
These websites provide valuable information on the Amerindian Mound Builders, Archaeology of the Americas, and Native American Culture. They seek to correct the misconceptions about Native Americans and their civilizations.



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arqueoastronomia colombia
arqueoastronomia en colombia, archaeoastronomy in Colombia. Astronomia prehispanica, aboriginal astronomy. Historia de la astronomia.
History of American Indians in LaSalle County Illinois, including Illinois,Fox,Iroquis,Abenkis,Mohegans,Cherokee,Shawnee,Maimi, and other tribes that have passed thru area. Graphics, friendship, midi and more!
On This Date in American Indian History
3,000 historical events; tribal name meanings & alternate names; Indian moon names; and links to over 7,000 other sites
The Orion Zone
Star Correlation Theory in American Southwest. A pattern of "ancient star cities" (Anasazi/Sinagua ruins and Hopi villages) in Arizona mirrors EVERY major star in the constellation Orion. The web site showcases a book in progress called "The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest" by Gary A. David. As above, so below.
The Truth About Worldwide Racial Displacement
Discusses long term natural consequences resulting from racially displaced populations and what can be done to make freer, more viable human societies. Adamant champions of the rainbow agenda will no doubt disagree with much of the content, but it's always good to examine different viewpoints to keep sharp intellectually. Part of the World Libertarian Order website.

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Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

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