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Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing - Dedicated to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, this Web Ring is made up of pages that are educational, informative, and/or ent

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing

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Dedicated to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, this Web Ring is made up of pages that are educational, informative, and/or entertaining and which help to generate a well rounded understanding of this breed. All sites belonging to this family rated ring MUST have at least 1 page devoted to Anatolians. Due to the sheer size of some websites, the ringmaster will only give consideration to those sites where the ring code is directly on the Anatolian page(s).

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Armagan Kennel - Home
The Anatolian Shepherd Dog, one of the most fascinating and frustrating of all dog breeds. An ancient guardian breed refined through the centuries to be uniquely suited to guard livestock and yet intelligent and versatile enough to fit into modern life with grace and humor. The Anatolian has such a strong work ethic that if you do not assign a job to him, he will find his own.
Anatolian World Celebrates the Anatolian Shepherd Dog
History and current developments regarding the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, also known as the Anadolu Çoban Köpegi in Turkish. See some of Natalka's Czartoryska's Journals on the working shepherds' dogs of Anatolia.
Kaarala, Imported Anatolian Shepherd Dog for Stud
We are located in Florida. We have two registered Anatolian Shepherd Dog males available for stud service. One male is a registered ASDCA and OFA Turkish import named Karaala ('Sam'). Our second male, an AKC champion named is named Horizon's Moses ('Moe'). Check out our webpage and let us know what you think!
Gerlach Ranch Anatolians
Working / family / Show Anatolians. Register AKC, ASDCA & UKC. We got our first Anatolian, Fayda, in 1994. BeBe and Beau are litter mates out of Fayda and Ahment. They were born in 1996. Our dogs guard the sheep, steer and our family. After getting our first Anatolian, we have not had any more livestock losses. This breed is not for everyone. They are large, power
Old*Glory Nubians*Boers & Anatolian Shepherds
I raise show quality Anatolian Shepherds who are raised with purebred Nubian dairy goats and Boer goats.

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