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Member: uandmekids, last active: 2843.68 day(s) ago. Email status: verified Has unread wrmail: , wrmail last read: 20101210, wrmail last received: 20110706 Contact uandmekids View uandmekids's system profile page

If you hold membership in a Ring managed by this ID, please do not use the link on this form to make contact.Due to way these Rings are administered, it is imperative that members contact us through the Contact Ring Manager link in site management. You will find that by clicking on your site's title when you are viewing the list of sites you have in Rings in the 'Memberships' tab of your My Account page.

If you are not a member, but need to contact the RingMaster, we need your help. Too many vague inquiries are being received and we cannot answer these. Please be sure, if asking about a Ring, to include the hub URL, not just a title, please. If you have a concern about a member, include the specific URL, please. And be as precise in your description as possible. Don't worry about being brief, shoot for being thorough.

We really need your cooperation in order to answer your inquiry accurately and promptly.

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