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Rules for All Rings

  • We do not accept new sites using a free hosting provider with pop-up advertising banner windows.
  • Your site must be directly related to the title of the ring.
  • Some Rings have additional membership requirements. Your site must be appropriate and suitable for the Ring it is applying to join.
  • No adult content or links to XXX sites - all sites must be safe for kids!
  • You must copy and paste the required SSNB or HTML code which you will receive by email into your document.
  • You have only ten (10) days from the time you submit your application to add the SSNB or HTML code to your web page!
  • The logo and ring control must be displayed on the same URL page referenced when you submitted the application to join the ring. Pass_L will not work.
  • Only after you have the ring control and logo on your page, and your site meets the rules to qualify, will it be added to the ring.
  • You are not allowed to change the graphic in any way.
  • All members will receive an occasional free ring newsletter.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain and update your information including any URL and email address changes.
  • To keep the ring intact we use a ring 'robot' to visit all sites in the ring. If the web ring code is not detected or your site is offline, your site is suspended and you are sent a notice by email. If the problem is not fixed within 14 days your site is deleted from the ring.
  • The Ringmaster reserves the right to reject any site.

Important! AOL email users: AOL strips HTML code out of their emails, so the code you receive in your email will not work. After you submit your site you can log-in and click on "Get HTML Code" and copy your correct HTML from there.

If you qualify, just click on the Ring you want to join and get started!

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