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Nightmoon Profile Picture Greetings and Salutations,

My internet nickname is Nightmoon. I'm a long time Sailor Moon Fan. My favourite Senshi is Pluto. I started watching when I was 14 and was immediately hooked. I'm 23 now. Woot! Long time, eh? (Yes I'm Canadian. ^.~)

My love for Sailor Moon has dwindled only slightly, simply because of so many other great Anime being made out in the world. I like the drawing and animation of the Anime Fate Stay Night. I tend to like Anime that isn't mainstream, but Bleach is just too hard not to love!

I'm president of an Anime Club (for 4 years now) in my city now. It's called the Japanese Animation Association of Winnipeg (JAAW). That's how and why I get to see many of the new Anime. ^_^

I'm a University student at the University of Winnipeg. I'm shooting for the BA majoring Theatre specializing in Film.

If you wish to contact me just contact me through WebRing mail (the Contact Member link on the top of this page).

Game on!

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