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Jewelry WebRing

The Original Jewelry WebRing

The original Jewelry WebRing invites you to submit
your jewelry site for inclusion into Jewelry WebRing.
We will visit your jewelry site and inform you of
your site being accepted, or rejected, based on your
site's relevence, content, and and compliance to the
Federal Trade Commission Jewelry Guidelines, which are
viewable at: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/jewel-gd.htm

We accept sites which offer: jewelry retail sales, loose
gemstones and cabochones, costume, vintage, antique, fine,
and collectable jewelry, signed or unsigned designer
jewelry, unique benchwork and artisan jewelry, beaded
jewelry, educational sites about jewelry, gemstones,
treatment and enhancement information, trade schools
which teach repair, gemstone / diamond setting, design,
wax carving, and casting, and many more subjects which
we feel will be of interest to: collectors, benchwork
designers, consumers, sellers, and gemology students,
who are fascinated by jewelry, gemstones, and minerals.

TO APPLY, please subit your information by clicking
"Join This Ring" at http://c.webring.com/hub?ring=jewelry

You may contact Cynthia, who is the admin of Jewelry WebRing
if you have any questions.

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