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Maze Creator was founded by Gregory Peatfield in Salem, NH in 1998. Greg has been an engineering scientist for Hewlett-Packard, Director Research and Development for GE Medical Systems/Deio Inc, and most recently as IABP Program Manager for Arrow International. He started solely as a software company and has expanded to include Web Site Hosting and services, fund raising, as well as consumer sales. Maze Creator is the world leader in maze design software. Users can create maze type puzzles with this computer program as activities or educational use. These are many different styles of mazes that can be created with this software; square, circle, hex, triangle, and many other repeating patterns. Text and graphics can be added to the maze template, such as a boy saying he lost this dog and a dog at the other side of the maze. When the general layout is done for the maze, the software will create the maze with a single path from any start to stop locations. A solution is also created for the user of the software. It can then be printed for use or imported into desktop publishing software to become part of a larger work.
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