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06/05/2012 18:58:55 PST
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About me: I am a self taught Artist ans specialise in Pets/Wild animal portraits, Houses/cottages and floral art. My name is Doreen. I was born in the Uk and emigrated to Australia in 1964. I have lived in Victoria, Queensland and now living in NSW. I began art in my 40's I put myself in the deep end with a painting of the famous 12 Apostles in oils. They can be found in Victoria on the Great Ocean Rd. I found that I could paint and from there I went from oils to Watercolor and then Graphite/Pencil drawing and to colorpencil drawing and layering. My next challenge will be Pastels. I am so happy to have found this wonderful world of art.
My interests: Drawing/painting. Reading, Music and growing succulent plants.
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