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Webspace & Personal Storage

Your WebRing account comes with FREE personal storage and Webspace for you to use any way you want.

What is "Personal Storage"?
Your personal storage is a set of online storage folders where you can upload and store documents, pictures, music, html, or just about any other kind of file. The files are then kept safe on our servers and made available for you to use anywhere you have internet access. You no longer need to carry around thumb drives or other offline backup devices.

Your have both public AND private storage folders, so you can share some files with everyone and keep other files private. You even have control over who has access to certain folders — public, friends, close friends. To learn more about personal storage, see the "Details" section at the bottom of this page.

What is "Webspace"?
Your Webspace is where you can create or upload webpages. Unlike your personal storage, your Webspace is accessible to anyone using the internet — just like any other webpage. Build your homepage, create a photo gallery, add a storefront... your options are pretty wide open.

Here are some specifics about your personal storage and Webspace:

  • It's free for all WebRing members. Premium members get more space and greater control over access to files.
  • The space we allot each member is generous, but there are limits to your available personal storage and Webspace. Free members are given 50 megabytes for combined personal storage and Webspace usage. Premium members receive up to 1 gigabyte. If you go over, we'll let you know so you can either upgrade your account or reduce your usage.
  • Personal storage offers various levels of file sharing privacy. Free members can place files in one of two folders: public or private. Premium members have 5 folders available: public, private, casual contacts, friends, and close friends. You decide who is allowed access to each folder. This enables you to share pictures with your best buddies or contracts with your business partners, but not with the general public.
  • No server-side scripting is allowed. That's php, cgi scripts, etc. You can, however, add JavaScript to your pages. We're not trying to be a complete hosting service, just offering a simple, inexpensive way to get online. If you decide you want more later on, talk to us. We'll help you get what you need at a fair price.
  • For those who want it, we'll soon offer page templates and assistance for a very reasonable fee.
  • We'll help premium members add the WebRing navigation code to any Webspace page that they would like to submit to a WebRing Community.
  • One technical note: Site content must conform with WebRing Terms of Service, and we reserve the right to ban content we determine to be in violation, including but not limited to: Hate, racism, discriminating, or graphically sexual in nature. Politics we can handle.
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Not sure how to edit your Webspace pages? Check out the tutorial here.

Want to move your site hosted elsewhere to your WebRing Webspace?
We can move practically any site over to your free Webspace. Due to their obtuse ad placement and often slow server time, these hosts are good ones to leave and move to your Webspace – Angelfire, Tripod and FortuneCity. Want to learn more? Click here.

Guestbooks & Counters
We added two new widgets that you can add to your Webspace pages as well as pages hosted elsewhere — counters and guestbooks. You can find them on the Widgets screen of your My Account page!

For now, guestbooks are available only to Premium members.

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