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September 9, 2006

Hello WebRingers!

Here's the announcement you've been waiting for: WebRing unveils our new user interface!

Well, mostly. We are introducing the new interface in a series of page-specific launches, starting with WebRing's new look, coming on 9/12 or 9/13. This is the first of several changes to come! It's big, it's exciting, it's fresh and we certainly hope you like it.

September 2006 Launch

This first launch includes all the pages visitors and the general public can see:
  • The WebRing front page
  • The directory and sub-directory
  • The ring hub pages
We've also reformatted our special interest pages—What's Hot, What's New, What's Cool, Advertise and Forums. We compiled content from existing pages to create these pages.

As previously mentioned in past newsletters, we're not changing the function of the WebRing system; we're cleaning it up, making things easier to find and organizing bits of information into groups of content in an effort to enable you and new users to navigate the system a little easier.

Comments or Questions?

We are committed to improving the system and increasing communication with members. We welcome your feedback! Log in to General Members Forum and tell us what you think of the new WebRing look.

Coming Next

Remember, we are introducing only the top level of publicly viewed pages; many of the pages you see, or regularly use, are scheduled for subsequent launches. Our next rollout is scheduled approximately 2 weeks from now. You will receive notification of changes a minimum of 48 hours in advance—stay tuned!

Thank You, Thank You!

The illustrations and new user interface were created by Marsh Chamberlain at www.DataGlyph.com, a well-established graphic design company with an impressive list of clients. We are grateful to DataGlyph and happy that this remarkable company is located right here in our home town!

Thank you, WebRingers! Your support, membership and participation are always appreciated.

More soon,

The WebRing Team

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