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1, August, 2002

We have a NEW logo!

After many months of design and balloting the membership has decided on a new logo. It is already up and active. Many thanks to ALL participants! We'll begin contacting everyone involved to arrange their awards. If you sent us a logo expect an email this month.

We launched several new features this past week that can have a significant impact on navigation and ring management. Here's a list:

  • The new logo, of course.
  • The number of pending submissions and suspended sites was added to the ring Hub page. Also, the date of last pending site action taken by the ring manager will begin to show. This gives potential applicants an idea whether the manager is actively managing the ring or not.
  • We've added a choice of three styles of "thumbs up/down" icons for ring managers to choose from on the Color Scheme page.
  • We added two more selection links on the Manage Members page: PASS_L and TOGGLED.
  • Single Navbar option - site owners and surfers can elect to have only the active navbar (for ring being navigated) in stack to show - This speeds page loading and improves navigating rings. site Owners and surfers can elect to have the option turned on. site Owners can select it by editing the U# for each navbar stack. The check box enables or disbales the option. Surfers can do likewise by setting the option via their Account Settings screen.There are a number of advantages to the single navbar option:
    • Loading a single navbar improves page load times
    • It makes page layout much easier for site owners. Because only one navbar shows any time the page is loaded the navbar stack is a fixed, and relatively small, size. So, the navbar can be placed more prominently on the main page of a site rather than being relegated to a "links" page.
    • It promotes the ring being surfed better.
    • It is easier to navigate the ring if you place the navbar code on your primary page not a links page. Doing this will ultimately increase traffic to your site from WebRing because people will more often continue navigating a ring if the code is easy to find on the site.
    • Because of the small size and quick loading it also makes sense to place the code on more than one page of your site (perhaps the main page AND a links page) as well. We encourage everyone to take advantage by placing your navigation code on the primary page(s) of your site to facilitate navigation.
    How it works: Any time a user navigates through WebRing to your site we'll display the SSNB of the ring being navigated. Any time a user arrives at your site in some other way (i.e., not through navigating a particular ring) we'll display the SSNB of the first ring in the SSNB stack. Unregistered users, or users not logged in, have this option on by default. For all others it is optional. This give special importance to being the top ring on a person's site!

    Try it and see the difference.

  • WebRing alert system - repeat of last week's post used to notify users of important changes, new features launches and so forth. We're planning on expanding on this, and of course giving you the option to configure how it should work for you, in the near future. We'd like to be able to use this mechanism to make you aware of additions to your ring, site status changes (approve, deny, etc.) and other WebRing related correspondence. This will give members the option of avoiding WebRing emails yet still allow you to keep up with events and ring business.

Recent Events-7/23

There were a LOT of features announced on the previous status page. Read it using the link at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming enahancements

Some things on the front and back burner:
  • Navigation code wizard - Is still lurking out there. The programmer working on it has a day job so it is moving slowly.
  • Forums - community spots to exchange information in a more temporal way than through web pages. Stay tuned.

WebRing is a Community supported system

If you value WebRing and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we seek your support. If this does not appeal to you then you may ignore this request. We'll still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not. Interested in supporting WebRing? Use

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The WebRing Team

The prior status page can be viewed here.

PS - For those that have contributed to WebRing, Thank You! We've updated your accounts. If you check and feel there are errors - please contact us!

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