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WebRing News
27, February, 2002

New Features Lanuched!

  • Ring Helpers! You can designate individuals to assist with managing your rings. Add their User ID using the text box on the Global Settings page in ring Management. Helpers will be allowed to manage sites, process new submissions, send emails, and invite new members.
  • Featured sites. You can enter up to three sites that always remain on top of the list of sites on the Hub page. This was most requested for ring managers to highlight the ring's hoomepage, but also allows you to feature other sites in the ring as well. You can specify these on the Global Settings page and if you edit the individual site (like setting the ring manager's site). The latter method doesn't require that you "know" the site ID you wish to feature.
  • Customize emails page. We've added a new link in ring Management to allow you to customize all your emails in one place, and preview them as you make changes. We're working on a comprehensive list of "tags" you can use that we'll add to the help page for that screen.
  • A change in the "placeholder" SSNB element. We have three. One for pending, suspended, and invalid. Hopefully this will help those with navigation troubles.
  • Disable auto-suspend on a site by site basis - we've added a selection to site management to allow you to "flag" certain sites to prevent auto-management from suspending flagged sites. This should alleviate problems where the checker fails to properly recognize code. It will still auto-activate all sites that test PASS (or PASS_L).
  • This is not a new feature, but auto-management is back on on a regular basis again. We are checking sites that FAIL every other day, and sites that PASS (or PASS_L) less often.
New features coming soon:
  • Navigation code wizard - to assist members in placing code, SSNB or HTML, properly on pages. We're excited about this tool.
  • Immediate activate - suspended sites will be allowed to become active immediately once they test PASS (or PASS_L) in management, without having to wait for the ring manager or auto-management to process the site. This will be an option for ring managers on the Global Settings screen.

WebRing is a Community supported system

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The WebRing Team

The prior status page can be viewed here.

PS - For those that have contributed to WebRing, Thank You! Be watching here and on your Account Settings page. Your contribution amounts will be added soon, and we'll begin to give you opportunities to use that credit soon as well, if you wish to.

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