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A huge thanks to all who chose to migrate their now-extinct GeoCities sites to their free Webspace. Here are a few we enjoyed:

Visit member a155r's Webspace   Visit member samaki's Webspace   Visit member recipes_za's Webspace   Visit member irishdancetc's Webspace  

Want us to transfer your Angelfire, Tripod, and FortuneCity sites to your ad-free Webspace? Click here.
WebRing Announces...
The forecast calls for cloudy skies here at WebRing. No need to pull out your umbrellas, though. These clouds won't drench you; they are here to help.

For Prompt Management
The clouds you've most likely encountered appear after you sign in to your account, complete with a big red "Alert." These are the same alerts you've always received. We've just made them more prominent by piping them into the clouds.

Alert clouds will continue to pop up on your My Account page until you either tend to the item you're being alerted to, or until you click the "close" link within the cloud.

To Help You
Throughout the next couple months, we will be beefing up the help system with clouds. No more searching through the Help/Support system for answers to your questions. Once in place, you'll only need to click on a hyperlinked item or a question mark icon to pull up a cloud that explains the item.

To Guide New Members
Hundreds of new people join WebRing every day. Nearly as many even take the extra step of joining rings. However, only a tiny portion of those new members follow through with adding the NavBar and becoming an active member.

We have added step-by-step clouds to guide prospective new members at every stage of signing up - whether in general or through a ring.

It's our hope that by clearly explaining the benefits of joining rings and what is expected when joining we can greatly reduce the low follow-through rate. We anticipate that the added benefit to Ring Managers is less time spent fruitlessly processing pending requests.

We're just getting started. Watch for lots of more clouds popping up all over WebRing.

WebRing Premium Perks
Customize Your Webspace Listing for Greater Visibility
Due to the closure of GeoCities, Webspace is now filled with over thirty thousand sites! Is your new Webspace being seen?

One of the best ways for you to increase your Webspace's visibility is to provide a title and description, as well as to place it in a category and to rate its content. Webspaces with info will receive top placement in these places:

  • individual directory pages
  • specific category pages
A huge benefit to appearing at the top of the directory and category pages is that you should also gain extra search engine traffic.

How to Customize Your Info
It only takes a moment to customize your Webspace information:

  1. Click the Webspace & Storage tab to open your Personal Shoutbox.
  2. Scroll down to find the Webspace title, description and category and content fields.
  3. Fill out each field - Title, Description, Category, Content.
  4. Click the "Save Settings" button.
After you provide information about your Webspace, you should see your listing pop to the top of the Webspace directory and category pages.
Webspace Tutorials
Webspace Help Pages
With so many new sites on Webspace, we're sure some of you want a little help. Here are four essential tutorials:
  • Webspace & Personal Storage - A brief introduction to what Webspace is, specific details, and who qualifies for a free Webspace.
  • How to Edit Your Webspace - Describing your three main options for editing your Webspace pages.
  • Repairing Old & Broken Links - An easily adapted tutorial that you can use to patch up those dead outgoing and image links. Especially relevant to those who had their GeoCities sites transferred to Webspace.
  • Website Migration to Webspace - For anyone who wants to manually transfer their pre-existing sites to their free Webspace.
A complete series of help pages pertaining specifically to Webspace sites is in the works. Watch for it coming soon.
WebRing Contest
Seasonal WebRing Logos
We invite you to help us celebrate by designing seasonal WebRing logos.

Whether it's for Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or some totally obscure holiday, we welcome all submissions.

The dressed-up logo should be sized at exactly 215px wide x 89px high. We recommend copying the WebRing logo found at the top of every page as the base for your entry.

For more details and to submit your entry, click here.

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