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Look here for a list of reported problems

Do NOT re-report a problem listed here unless asked. it just wastes time responding to (or deleting as superfluous) email.

My migration WORKED, but my navbars don't show

Several reason vould explain this, and in almost ALL cases you should check your View Web sites page BEFORE CONTACTING SUPPORT:
  • Your sites are not active ONLY active sites will show. Do not contact support about inactive memberships, that is the ring manager's responsibility. Contact them first!
  • You changed your id - you will have to change your SSNB code as well
  • You have the wrong code installed becasue the U# doesn't match.
  • You have more than one U# for a single URL
  • Your SSNB stack did not build properly on migration, or for some other reason. You can view what your stack currently looks like by using the "View Stack" link on your View Web sites Page. You can rebuild a stack by using the Order SSNB link and clicking on Apply Changes.

My navbar shows broken images

Not a problem - for support anyway. CONTACT YOUR RINGMASTER!

Why is my site pending? I want it active

Not a problem - for support anyway. CONTACT YOUR RINGMASTER!

Why is my site suspended? I want it active

Not a problem - for support anyway. CONTACT YOUR RINGMASTER!

I can't contact my ring manager

Why? If you do not know HOW to contact them try this:
Log in
Go to My rings
Selet View ring sites
Click on the site title in question
Click on Contact ring manager

If, and ONLY if, the email bounces OR you try three times one week apart and hear nothing, then conact us.

I can't remember my ID

First, when you get it, WRITE IT DOWN

Next, if you are a ring manager then you can find your ID yourself. Go to your ring's Hub page and look. Your ID is listed on that page on the left. Last, if you only own a site in a ring and can't recall your id then be sure to include the ring id and site id or site title atleast when requesting your id.

My migration failed!

Chances are it didn't, but your browser page may have expired. If you are migrating from a YAHOO id, go back and start over. the system KNOWS where you were and will inform you so as you progress through. All the way to telling you what webring user id you created at the very end if you made it that far.
If you wre migrating a site or ring manually (using the password page), you can try again and be sure to note where and what error you get. If the form returns a blank when you enter your ring and password, or ring/site and password then chances are VERY good your password is incorrect. Email support with the ring ID and/or site ID in question and we'll help you. If the process got part way but you weren't able to finish, don't sweat it, just try again and keep notes on what happens.

My migration *said* it worked, but I see nothing

Either nothing was migrated (check your My rings page at yahoo before contacting support here), or you are perhaps checking the wrong id, or perhaps the migration didn't *really* finish. Re-do the migration and at each step note what the system says. follow it until it won't let you go any further. Most of the time you'll get to the end and it will give you the id you created.

If you did all of that and you're pretty sure (a) you had stuff at yahoo, and (b) you've got the right id and have logged in and checked EVERYWHERE, then contact us with BOTH your yahoo id and webring id.

I have missing or duplicate entries on my My rings page

This applies to people who migrated sites (and/or rings) and verified that their page showed the correct information at one time. If you never were able to find anything, then you are either not looking in the right place (see View ring sites for sites) or the information has not REALLY migrated (so check the page and instructions for what to do there). This only applies to those people where it was there and disappeard, or was there and is now duplicated.

Make note of the ring ID and site ID of the missing and/or duplicates and contact support.

My navigation links go to the old system

That may not be a problem. In any case, don't sweat it. it will eventually lead to the new WebRing.
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