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Look here for a list of corrected problems

If you see a correction here and it still does not work for you, contact support and be VERY specific please. Thanks!

What about ring keywords?

added back in on 12/03/2001.

Can we give our ring a rating?

Yes, as of 12/03/2001. Use this to self-classify your ring. Certain categories are adult and will override your setting, but use this rating mechanism if your ring is, or you would like it to be, in a public category but the content is not appropriate for young children, or even teens. This will allow us to move certain categories (namely hentai and pokemon related rings) out from adult provided the mature rings are rated as such. We'll try moving some categories from adult soon.

I would like to be able to delete my unused WebRing user id

You can, from your My rings page, as of 11/24/01. Be carefull as this will instantly remove all trace of your id and log you out.

Reverse Chronological Rearrange doesn't work

Fixed as of 11/22/01.

I can change the "Join" email message, but when I re-edit it it appears as the original

Fixed as of 11/18/01.

Why does the 'by foobar' not always show up on the navigation code?

Because it was not done properly on the Yahoo system and it came over broken to the new WebRing. It has been fixed as of 11/18/01. There is a checkbox at the bottom of the 'Navigation Code' screen. If checked, the SSNB will be made to show a LINK to the ring manager's profile page. There you are allowed to place a contact email address and message.

Can't Edit submission email

Ability added to Join Settings Page on 11/12/01.

ring manager's site not shown on the Hub page

Resolved 11/7/2001.

Ring Re-Categorization

Problem with it switching to create mode fixed 11/07/2001.
New feature added 10/28 to the Global Settings screen in ring Management. Feel free to recategorise yoiur rings! The directory will only change daily, so it may take 24 hours to show the change there.

Test results for a site are wrong

10/17 - This should be OK now. It was reporting all navigation elements as Pass even when the weren't.

If you test a site and it fails, but the code on the page works, check the results carefully before contacting support.

would like to change my email addy

10/17 - We've added an 'Account Info' link at the top of most pages. There you can change your email, password, etc.

We also added two NEW fields, greeting and transfer password. The greeting we'll add *soon* to the hub page for those that want it (for the RMs label). The transfer password you can usse to allow another user to transfer rings and sites to your account. Most people will no doubt use it to transfer between their own sites. That's fine. Be carefull who you give that password to, and once you're done transferring you should reset it.

I'd like to transfer a site to another WebRing ID

10/17 - You can now. Be sure to set the transfer password in the destination id (or get it from the other person) and then go edit your site. You'll see two new fields at the bottom. Enter the destination WebRing ID and transfer password and click submit.

We're still working on transferring ALL of an id to another. Ready soon.

I'd like to transfer a ring to another WebRing ID

10/17 - You can now. For now it is the same process as on the yahoo WebRing system: You must invite a new ring manager from one of the existing members. So to transfer to your own ID, transfer a site first, then the ring.

You'll find the option on the ring hub page under "Delete ring". Don't ask why it's under that heading. Relic from the Yahoo days when they couldn't fathom anyone ever wanting to move something!

Why won't my NavBar image show on the navbar?

10/18 - Resolved. You should now only have to upload or enter the url of your image for it to appear immediately.

The links on the Invite members don't work

10/18 - Done

The 'Remember my ID on this computer' doesn't work

10/18 - Done

Ring transfer doesn't work - the email rturns an error

10/19 - Fixed that one.

Ring Title Change

Not a problem, but a new feature. Use it sparingly, it's time intensive (for the server)
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