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Website Migration to WebRing Webspace

Any member has the ability to migrate a site from its current host to WebRing Webspace. Moving a site from one host to another may seem daunting at first, but probably is not very difficult for most website owners. If you manage a sophisticated site with scripting requirements (php, mysql, perl), WebRing Webspace will not work for you. To discuss your options, we encourage you to contact us.

Here is a simple outline of the steps to follow:

Step 1: Download Your HTML Pages & Images to YOUR Home Computer
On your computer, create a new folder and download all of your HTML pages and images to it. This will serve as a permanent backup of your website, which you should have whether you are migrating to another host or not! You can probably use FTP or you may have to download one file at a time via your former host's online editor. Sites vary.

Step 2: Upload Your HTML Pages & Images to Webspace
Use the Webspace upload screen to upload your site's HTML and image files from your home computer to your WebRing Webspace area. To access your Webspace, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your WebRing account and go to your My Account page.
  2. Select the "Webspace & Storage" tab to open your online storage and alert settings window.
  3. Using the "Switch to:" menu, change the working folder to "Webspace" and click the "GO" button to show the change.
  4. Click the open yellow folder icon Look for the 'folder' icon. to open the file management window (CMS). Within that window you can create folders, edit and delete files, and upload files from your home computer.
  5. Click the Upload icon Look for the 'upload' icon. found in the CMS window, then follow the instructions to upload the files of your choice. The upload utility will allow multiple file uploads. To do so, hold down the control key while selecting files OR select one file and hold down the shift key before selecting another to rapidly select the entire list of files.
  6. You may have to use the upload window several times depending on how many files and images you have.

Step 3: Organize Your Files & Images
You will need to set up your Webspace folders to reflect the way you have them on your current site. (i.e. You may have all images in a folder or subfolder labeled "image.")

Step 4: Edit Your HTML Files as Needed
Since you have moved the files from one server to a different one, you will need to edit your HTML pages to reflect the changes in domain name, path to file, etc. You may do this before or after you've uploaded your files to your Webspace.

If you need help with this step, it can be arranged once your files are uploaded (obviously not before since they are on your home computer). For a minimal fee, we will tune up your site. To learn more, click here.

To learn more about how to edit your Webspace on your own, click here.

Step 5: Change Your Registered URLs
Don't forget that you need to change your registered URLs in your WebRing account from the URLs tab of your My Account area. If you don't change the URLs, you risk being suspended or deleted from your ring memberships.

Sound hard? It probably won't be once you try it out. We suggest moving just a couple of files at first to get the feel of it, then you can copy your entire site once you're comfortable with it.

Want Help?

We can transfer your Angelfire, Tripod or FortuneCity site(s) quickly and easily. In most cases, sites transfer over with at least 99% accuracy. If you're signed in, return to the top of this page to find the link to request your site transfer. If you're not signed in, you can either sign in and refresh the page to find the aforementioned link OR contact us at membership at webring dot com and include the following:
  • Your email's Subject line should read "SITE TRANSFER" to ensure your request is easy to spot among the junk mail.
  • Your WebRing User ID.
  • Special Note: If you do NOT have a WebRing account, or the pages you want transferred are not registered with WebRing, you must include the URL of the site you want transferred (the top level/home page URL is sufficient).
After we receive your request, we'll take a quick look at your site to see what will be involved. In many cases the transfer won't take much work, so don't worry. Premium members will – as a perk – receive priority service. Want WebRing 2.0?

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