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Manager: support
WebRing Publisher SupportNeed help with something related to using WebRing Publisher? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Re (93): Lack of Support is Awful system 10/04/2010 (2 posts)
Is this a "publisher" issue, or to do with placing code ona webpage (membe   more
Re (82): publishing your website noooool 08/16/2010 (4 posts)
Kenyaskittens, Your comment was lacking almost completely in enough helpfu   more
Re (83): Website Images in the Webring Directories noooool 08/16/2010 (2 posts)
Hello lifeafterphantom, I assume you mean the thumbnail image of your site   more
Re (79): Images not appearing in the Moxicode Image Screen littlemissgogo 05/15/2010 (13 posts)
Hello. Just wondering if your investigations have provided any possible cl   more
Re (74): Banner insertion pjkogd 03/30/2010 (4 posts)
I think I may have worked things out. If I have any questions, I'll po   more
Re (70): Images not loading onto the Publisher screen pjkogd 03/29/2010 (7 posts)
Hi, Thanks, I got the photo up.   more
Re (65): Nav Bar pjkogd 03/29/2010 (4 posts)
I'm wondering, do you know why I lost my Nav Bar? Thanks, KO.   more
Re (39): My page content is disappearing. littlemissgogo 03/26/2010 (4 posts)
Despite your advice, I'm still losing my work and not getting images on   more
Re (49): How do I change my email address when a defunct address.. forumguest 03/19/2010 (3 posts)
Thanks! You guys are awfully patient with my non-stop cluelessness. LOL   more
Re (46): How do I get into my file manager to add more files, gifs, jpgs forumguest 03/18/2010 (7 posts)
Thanks for your detailed response to my multiple questions. I can take i   more
Re (37): Page Counters? vintage_campers1 03/15/2010 (3 posts)
Thanks and the counters seem to be working ok now.   more
Re (33): password support 03/06/2010 (3 posts)
Did you use the field on this page? http://dir.webring.com/cgi-bin/info?hel   more
Re (26): adding text to your main page and to new pages system 02/27/2010 (2 posts)
OK, here si what we just did after going to your account: 1. On My Accoun   more
Re (24): reloading adding a new page system 02/26/2010 (2 posts)
Sorry, It's hard to answer without some more information. What is the   more
Re (22): Add Image - doesn't system 02/22/2010 (2 posts)
well, we see the logo in the header. have you uploaded the images yet? Ha   more
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