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Manager: support
Ring Manager SupportNeed help with something related to the management of your WebRing Community? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. *NOTE: Remember to include you ring's ID! Coming soon...
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This is for ring MANAGEMENT Issues
  This is the support forum for managers to get assistance with ring manageme
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Re (344): Approve based on CONTENT of site, NOT ON CODE system 03/03/2011 (2 posts)
clear as a bell the first time. Let's see if we can do it for you with   more
Re (342): Referred here by Nav wizard system 02/27/2011 (2 posts)
This is not a ring management issue, it's a member support issue. Ho   more
Re (340): Hijacked webring system 02/23/2011 (2 posts)
Rings don't get hijacked or stolen, they abandoned by the manager and t   more
Re (319): Stolen WebRing kittehboi 02/23/2011 (3 posts)
My ring has been stolen. AnipalCentral. Please give it back to me.   more
Re (290): Are you eliminating Ring Managers? kittehboi 02/23/2011 (5 posts)
Why did you give my ring to a guy who runs link farms? It's AnipalCent   more
Re (334): Previewing Page system 02/21/2011 (2 posts)
tough to find that. what you HAVE is a new membership in a ring and the si   more
Re (335): resubmission to rings system 02/21/2011 (2 posts)
This is a membership issue not a ring management issue really, but.... use   more
Re (332): Who Approved the Latest Member of the Discernment WebRing? christianpaintings 02/15/2011 (4 posts)
By the way you're not fooling anyone when you talk about 'staff'   more
Re (328): Go to this site now link down system 02/10/2011 (4 posts)
Can you give us a URL, please?   more
Re (326): Pop up system 02/09/2011 (2 posts)
You need to be more specific and post in the blog support forum when you do   more
Re (324): Removed Ring still appears system 02/08/2011 (2 posts)
interesting, not sure why, but fixed now   more
Re (320): webring information system 02/06/2011 (2 posts)
handled via private email. post back if you do not receive the email.   more
Re (315): Unable to Delete a Site k9gold 02/02/2011 (6 posts)
I think everything is working. Thank You.   more
Re (307): What happened to activity points? system 01/31/2011 (3 posts)
followup....the calculator was offline. should be back now   more
Re (301): 32 sites but 78 members southerntrinity 01/31/2011 (9 posts)
Huh?   more
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