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Harmonica WebRing - The Harmonica WebRing is dedicated to promoting the instrument and its' players. Whether you're a beginner or pro, or ju

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Harmonica WebRing

Manager: noooool
This ring is is for those that enjoy playing and listening to all kinds of harmonica music. This ring is for those who play and enjoy Blues, Country, Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass and other types of Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica.

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Anthony Lau, man with the silver harmonica anthony_lau 03/20/2003 (1 posts) Classical harmonica   more
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The WilyGoats Home Page chonres 01/30/2011 (1 posts) The WilyGoats are a   more
Musica Viva: The Harmonica Archive franknordbergno 03/01/2010 (1 posts) Free sheet musi   more
HarmonicaBlues&Soundpage razzel 12/26/2009 (1 posts) Soundfiles, Harmonica &   more
BassHarp bassharp 12/19/2003 (1 posts) All things BassHarp E   more
Blues Harp Confidential mfoley 10/28/2008 (1 posts) Beginner's harp odysse   more
magiccatradio homepage magiccatradio 07/14/2004 (1 posts) homepage of Kev E   more
The HOOTer harmonicanews 01/14/2009 (1 posts) Playing tips, tabs,   more
Newly Blues Harp - Official site newlybluesharp 02/23/2000 (1 posts) Walter "Newly"   more
Harp Player xb40 06/17/2005 (1 posts) Croatian page about diatonic   more
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