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Rodent Ring - This ring is about rodents; the adorable little critters we like to keep as pets!      

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Rodent Ring

Manager: noriko
The webring for breeders of pocket pets and small exotics, such as: rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, degus, jerboas, flying squirrels, cavies, chinchillas, rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, and any other little critter you might keep!

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AJ's Mousery Website ajmousery 10/10/2006 (1 posts) This is a website for m   more
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American Singer Canaries kanarykrazy 04/14/2007 (1 posts) Breeder and exhibit   more
A RatHouse um_10938 06/25/2004 (1 posts) The RatHouse is dedica   more
Angua's Den um_8109 07/02/2004 (1 posts) These are my Gerbils, I   more
The Dani Clan um_5424 06/29/2004 (1 posts) This is my site for my   more
Mount Lehman Rattery mount_lehman_rattery 07/07/2005 (1 posts) Mount Lehman   more
Purple Kat Kritters pkk 10/01/2011 (1 posts) I work out of the Albany, N   more
A Guinea Pig Quick-Brief coldalorg 07/24/2010 (1 posts) A quick-brief guide t   more
JPChinchillas jpchinchillas 01/11/2003 (1 posts) I am a small hobb   more
The Hamster Society UK hamsoc 08/15/2005 (1 posts) Whether you own one hamste   more
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