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Manager: support
WebRing Blog SupportNeed help with something related to your WebRing blog? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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Why is my blog gone?
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Re (93): Help, fail!? noooool 09/01/2010 (4 posts)
As a simple helper, I cannot check why you are getting that message, but ac   more
Re (88): Not have a proper navigation code system 08/15/2010 (4 posts)
Still impossible to say much without seeing what is in place, altered or ot   more
Re (82): Can't sign in to my blog librarycomputer 08/06/2010 (7 posts)
Its OK now.   more
Re (76): URL system 08/04/2010 (1 posts)
which URL? and to what?   more
Zen Cart and Webring Code gizmosforall 07/30/2010 (1 posts)
Has anybody encountered problems with putting the webring code into a zen c   more
Re (71): Allegations of Copyright Infringement Unfounded system 07/21/2010 (2 posts)
The blog was reviewed by several people and deemed to be a substantial copy   more
Re (63): Blog not working semi_antic 07/09/2010 (3 posts)
Thank ye kindly.   more
Re (66): Lost password, closed email acct raywilk 07/08/2010 (1 posts)
Thanks for the quick accurate help! I activated all my webrings again. Ray   more
Re (61): I'm asked to sign in to my blog, after logging in to site system 07/08/2010 (3 posts)
is the spam on the blog? the problem accesing generally results from an at   more
Re (62): Webring Logo will not work on MS Small Business Office Live Site system 07/08/2010 (2 posts)
you might be able to add the HTMl, NOT the javascript. But some ultra para   more
Re (56): inserting an image into blog post system 05/17/2010 (5 posts)
What is the type and size of the file? Perhaps email it to membership at   more
Re (53): My original email address is no longer active - help! support 04/16/2010 (2 posts)
We checked that account and found that it was empty of anything (no registe   more
Re (44): Can't access my blog vladd77 04/04/2010 (3 posts)
Thanks alot for the reset!   more
Re (49): Blog Code? support 04/01/2010 (4 posts)
Done. You should now find your blog URL listed on your My Account page'   more
Re (45): I can not sign into my blog. vintage_campers1 03/28/2010 (6 posts)
After I replied to your previous response, I clicked "blog" on my account p   more
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