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Alzheimer's Disease - This ring is to help victims of Alzheimer's disease. Whether you have the disease, are a caretaker, or are a friend or f

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Alzheimer's Disease

Manager: wr__tj
This ring was brought about to help victims of Alzheimer's. Whether you have the disease,are a caretaker or a friend/family member of someone who has Alzheimer's you are a victim. Let's become survivors. We all need someone to stand by us so these sites are brought together to help us stand by each other. Please help in our fight against Alheimer's. You can help by increasing awareness of this disease, helping to give moral or educational support to it's victims. Or just becoming a friend.

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Parents should NEVER live with their children! dayswithgramps 09/30/2013 (1 posts)
He was adamant!  His grandfather had lived with his family for several yea   more
Staying Busy dayswithgramps 09/23/2013 (1 posts)
Dad has always been happiest when active. For years he enjoyed woodworking.   more
2 Days Till Walk To End Alzheimer's khz 09/19/2013 (1 posts)   more
Is this it…… dayswithgramps 09/16/2013 (1 posts)
The call came at 7:30 am.  Dad had a grand mal seizure during breakfast.    more
Encouraging new treatment for dementia is emerging geverabert 09/09/2013 (1 posts)   more
They read his book!! dayswithgramps 09/09/2013 (1 posts)
The staff at his home are wonderful!  They are warm and friendly.  Best o   more
14 Days Till Alzheimer's Walk khz 09/07/2013 (1 posts)   more
Babies dayswithgramps 09/03/2013 (1 posts)   more
Silver alert for missing man brings back memories geverabert 09/01/2013 (1 posts)   more
89th Birthday dayswithgramps 08/29/2013 (1 posts)
We had a great birthday celebration!  The staff and fellow residents sang   more
August equals Alzheimer's Anniversaries geverabert 08/26/2013 (1 posts)   more
Had a Dad Alzheimer's blog one of the best blogs of 2013 geverabert 08/26/2013 (1 posts)
  “Had a Dad” Alzheimer’s Blog Selected as One of the Best Healt   more
Invisible Illnesses and Special Treatment geverabert 07/15/2013 (1 posts)   more
Something New, Different and Needed by Many!! jolynn11 07/13/2013 (1 posts)   more
Who Listens When One Speaks? jolynn11 07/11/2013 (1 posts)
I have been having some not so fun times in my head of late. I have gotten   more
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