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Recovering Alcoholics WebRing

Addiction and Recovery > Alcohol

The Alcoholics Web Ring pertains to Alcoholics and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Many of these sites have online meetings, AA reference material, support, personal stories, guidelines, and Big Book and Twelve Step / Twelve Traditions references. Some have online message areas. These are presented as a supplement to the crucial elements of sobriety and actual meeting attendance, which allow members to meet other alcholics, share stories, and make new friends.






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   AA Jaywalker Site Preview Go
Unofficial AA site dedicated to the Twelve Steps as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. No inner child work done here!

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   Chester's Recivery Page Preview Go
This site has been created to bring together the growing number of alcoholics. My aim is to provide a central place where information and loving support can easily be found. This site is intended to help carry the message of recovery to everyone in cyberspace. Pass it on.
   Bob's Recovery Site Preview Go
My experience, strength and hope about recovery. Links to recovery sites. A work in progress, as am I.

   take back your life Preview Go
introduction page to alcoholism it links to my other page as well as a thank you page .
   164 Pages Preview Go
A Northern CA recovery portal. A focus on the first 164 pages of the Big Book of A.A. A portal to other web sites that focus on the Biblical foundations of the A.A. 12 steps. We will also feature other specially selected recovery sites.
   Jacob's Safe Houses Preview Go
Jacob's Safe Houses was established on February 1, 2007 as a place of safe and sober living for individuals in recovery from drug/alcohol addiction. We offer information about our services, a recovery forum and links to further information.
   Franki Goes to Soberville Preview Go
A woman's story of recovery from alcoholism with links and information for alcoholics in recovery and seeking recovery.
   Friends of Bill W. and the disabled Preview Go
This site has been designed for friends of Bill W. and the disabled.
The Mission of Freed Ministries is to provide the basic resources for those within and outside the body of CHRIST to come to understand who and what we are and how to live our lives consistent with the WORD OF GOD. We couple recovery meetings (ALL OF THEM NOT JUST CHRISTIAN ), with Christ centered rehab opportunity's, 1 on 1 Discipleship in the Steps and the word of GOD and how to apply it to our lives. We also engage those in
   Recoverers Homepage Preview Go
A site for you if you need help stopping drinking or doing drugs.

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