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Zen - Untitled document This, the Zen webring, was created in 1998 and was once known as ZenWeb. The ring includes websites o

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This, the Zen webring, was created in 1998 and was once known as "ZenWeb". The ring includes websites offering all manner of information related to the topic of Zen. Members include Zen centers, groups, personal Zen web pages, Zen related magazines, and so forth.


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Proven methods to improve your happiness - 01/07/2013

Have you seen the movie Happy ? It's a documentary by Roko Belic and I highly recommend it.  One of the most interesting things I learned watching the movie is that there are three categories of factors that influence how happy we are. Genetics Yes, supposedly our genetic makeup determines our natural range of endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin levels. These and a host of other chemicals are responsible for our alertness, sense of well being, and happiness.  The levels of these chemicals and hormones establish a set-point around which our level of happiness fluctuates. Our circumstances Where we live, our social or economic status, our health. Our life's circumstances can trigger and affect the levels of the above chemicals within our natural range. Intentional behavior The things we do with our lives, the choices that we make, and the thoughts that we choose to give life.  Your chosen actions, routines, and behaviours affect your body (brain) chemistry as well. Now genetics are supposedly about 50% of your happiness and there's not much you can (naturally) do about this one.  This is one area in which it's okay to blame your parents.  (Joking) Now here's where the real ...

Proven methods to improve your happiness

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